Beth Meacham

Beth is a writer and a senior executive editor for Tor books. She’s edited some of the best-known names in Science Fiction/Fantasy. She’ll be doing critiques of a few pages for a few writers during the weekend. Beth has taught at many of our events and we are so glad she can join us for this one!

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Steven Barnes

Steven is a renowned author of SFF, horror, and other genres, who has  also worked in television and film. He’s a great motivational speaker and coach. We are so delighted he can join us!

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Candice Montgomery

Cam Montgomery is an LA transplant now residing in Seattle. By night, she writes YA lit about Black teens across all their intersections. By day, she teaches ballet to teen boys and works in the land of sobriety and rehab. It is the goal of her stories to interrogate the spaces of race, love, the body, and sexuality, all while being a witness of life. She is represented by Jennifer Laughran of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

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Writers Weekend


We’ll be gathering in Tacoma, WA on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 13 for a social get-together. You never know who might be there!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Sept. 14-16) we’ll be meeting in small and large (but not too large!) groups to have conversations about writing craft, the industry (both trade and independently published), and how we can energize our work now and in the future.

Call or email to get more information as we continue to make plans. In the coming months, we will continue to add speakers and instructors to our list of distinguished guests.

You may register by sending a donation to us on Paypal at RealReaderfest @gmail .com.

Your donation will help to cover the expenses of putting on this event, including airfare for speakers, hotel rooms, snacks, and website hosting.  All of our staff are volunteers.

If you are not able to make a donation, please get in touch – we have received a generous grant from someone who works at That Famous Company so that we may provide scholarships to under-represented writers.


Next Steps…

Email us at writersweekend at hotmail dot com or call 425-443-3895 for more information on this weekend.

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