Here are a few things you might like to know!

How much?

$200 donation to RealReaderfest on Paypal to reserve your spot for all three full days of workshop and retreat. There are scholarships. Preference to be given a scholarship will be given to writers from under-represented groups. Just email us at and ask.

When and where?

 April 26-28, 2019 - Coppertoppe Inn, Hebron, New Hampshire.

Registration is $200 for all 3 days, or $75 per day. Lodging is separate. Lodging including meals, beverages and snacks is $95 per person per night, plus 9% sales tax. Call the Inn directly to arrange your room or meals. at 603-744-5036


What’s your return policy?

We are not able to process returns. If you give us money, it is considered a donation. If you register and can't attend, you can trade with someone who can, or we can hold a spot at a future weekend for you. We use every penny to help pay for the airfare and hotel for the guest speakers. Your contribution may be tax deductible, ask your tax person. We are registered as a nonprofit in WA.

Who may attend?

Writers at all levels are welcome. Fans are welcome. If you have never been to a writers' event before, you are still welcome.  We don't bite. We have all been new at some time. We want to help you, and we especially want to help you if you think you already know it all.

What do I get for the registration donation?

We'll be doing a lot of talking, a lot of meeting to go over our work. We'll have free time to write, both free writing and directed by instructors (we're all instructors and we're all students...we decide what we want this weekend to look like).

There will be some meals, snacks, and there is food nearby for you to purchase.

Are there any 'rules'?

Glad you asked.

We want to be welcoming to everyone. We can't guarantee safe space, but we want to encourage everyone to be kind to one another.

We can't allow you to come into the space if you are wearing fragrance -- there are people with allergic reactions to all kinds of scents. There is fragrance in everything, so don't add any to your hair, skin, body, clothes, or anything you bring in with you.

We won't be serving alcoholic beverages. You may find a place to eat or drink nearby.

Is the venue ADA accessible?


Not all of the venues we use are ADA accessible. We can describe the number of steps to get into the building, get to the meeting room, and get to restrooms, if you email us at Realreaderfest at gmail dot com to ask about your needs. We want to do these small events and are always looking for places that are more accessible. Budget is a factor in how we decide on a location.


We will send a questionnaire to everyone attending if food is being served, so we can find out what your dietary needs include.


Be nice. Any complaints should be made to Karen Junker at 425-443-3895, who will take any steps necessary to correct the situation. If you are in a serious and dangerous threat situation, call 911.

Anyone who is making this event unsafe for anyone else will have to leave and will forfeit their donation.