April 26-28, 2019

Coppertoppe Writers Weekend

Click here for more information on Coppertoppe Inn, Hebron, New Hampshire


Registration Fee - Email RealReaderfest@gmail.com. $75 per day for each day of the workshop, or $200 for all three full days of workshop will include talks and meetings with pro authors and editors.

Lodging - $95 includes lodging and meals (plus 9% tax). Commuters pay $25 plus tax per day for full meal plan. Talk to Sheila for special arrangements at Coppertoppe at 603-744-3636.

We have arrangements with other lodging and venues in the area for overflow. Some have dorm style rooms. Please inquire.

Please let me know if you'd like to chat or have questions. We have a relaxing, conversational style. Places to mingle, places to hide away. Lots of good food. Our mission is to make our event as welcoming as we can, to create a community of support, and to nurture writers & readers from all parts of the globe!

Guest Instructors: (Please click here for more information)

  Editor and author Elizabeth Hand

  Editor Moshe Feder

   Author, publisher, & Martial Arts expert Balogun Ojetade

  Author & scientist Robyn Bennis

  Actor, playwright, and activist Ashley Lauren Rogers

  Journalist and author Dan Szczesny

  Author, screenwriter , and journalist  Gregory Norris

 Agent Beth Marchsea, Ladderbird Literary Agency


Day Time Dining Room/panel name
Thursday 7-8:30 pm Welcome, check in, get acquainted social  -- Secret Handshake lesson.
8:30 PM wind down and goodnight
Friday 7-9 am breakfast
9:00 AM Into the Mysteries -- Gregory Norris
10:00 AM Tying up Loose Ends -- Ashley Rogers
11:00 AM I Love New York! - Moshe Feder
noon Lunch - Location, Location, Location -- The Perfect Secret Island Lair-- Robyn Bennis
1:00 PM
2:00 PM Recruit Your Minions -- Gregory Norris
3:00 PM Avoid Mortal Combat to Defeat an Archnemesis--Balogun Ojetade
4:00 PM What Gets An Editor's Attention? - Moshe Feder
5:00 PM Dinner at Six, A Dish Best Served Cold -- How to Feed Your Enemies -- Gregory Norris
6:00 PM
7:00 PM Talk About a Show! -- Ashley Rogers
8:30 PM wind down and goodnight
Saturday 7-9 am breakfast
9:00 AM Good Morning, Coppertoppe! -- Gregory Norris
10:00 AM Worldbuilding -- Steamfunk, Dieselfunk, and All the Funks -- Balogun Ojetade
11:00 AM Exploring World Domination 101 - Robyn Bennis
noon My Lunch with Ashley -- Ashley Rogers
1:00 PM The Cut Direct - Critiques with Moshe Feder
2:00 PM
3:00 PM Afrofuturism Beyond Music - Balogun Ojetade
4:00 PM Binary Toxins, Pros and Cons -- Together, we cook up a themed, particpatory meal based on foods in our speakers' books and other literary sources --  Robyn Bennis - Ginger cakes. Balogun Ojetade -- coffee and wine. He likes  a good chai.
5:00 PM
6 PM  - 8 PM Dinner and a conversation with Elizabeth Hand
8:30 PM wind down and goodnight
Sunday 7-9 am breakfast
9:00 AM Wake Up, Buttercup! Refresh Your Voice -- Gregory Norris, Balogun Ojetade
10:00 AM Spin -- Rebrand Our Origin Story - Ashley Rogers
11:00 AM
noon Lunch
1:00 PM How to Work Full Time as a Writer - Gregory Norris, Dan Szczesny
2:00 PM Critiques with Moshe Feder
3:00 PM
4:00 PM World Domination --The Final Hours -- Robyn Bennis
5:00 PM Wrap up and goodbyes